UK North 2022

CTS North rides again! 303 riders treated to some Scottish sun to chase in 2022. 
This year just over three hundred riders, including a number of relay teams, were treated to a spectacular sunrise at Whitley Bay. There was fair weather aplenty through the day, for riders to appreciate the quiet roads, gradual climbs, thrilling descents, forests, lakes and lochs, with beautiful scenery across Northumberland and Southern Scotland.

303 starters, 268 finishers, 220 arriving before sunset… Congratulations to everyone who participated, and our annual award for exceptional effort and perseverance goes to:

  • Determined Riders of The Day Award
  • Georgina Wilcox – Her first Chase the Sun, relished the challenge, riding to her own beat through the day, displaying a great spirit to all she encountered. Persevered to reach the coast to finish. Chapeau Georgina!

Records – 2022 UK North Route

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