UK italia 2023

An intrepid adventure in the Italian Sun! An increasingly diverse community gathered to Chase the Sun across the famous hills, valleys and vineyards of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Over 190 cyclists from a range of countries around Europe as well as Israel, and the USA, took part this year, with another contingent of UK riders participating in a bid to expand their Chase the Sun palmares to include the horizons of the Adriatic and Tirrenean seas of the mediterranean. The conditions again proved for a successful ride with almost every rider achieving the challenge of reaching the west coast before the sun set – providing a big group to celebrate together at the beachfront finish!

192 starters, 191 finishers, all before sunset, most having completed all 4 major climbs along the route… Congratulations to all you successful cyclists for Chasing the Sun Italia in 2023 and thank you to our organisational partners Turbolento for hosting another great event this year!​

  • Determined Rider of The Day Award
  • Riccardo Lamanna – For his extraordinary fortitude in resolving to complete every edition to date of the Italia Chase the Sun route – Forza Riccardo!

Records – 2023 Italia route

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