UK italia 2021

Viva Chase the Sun Italia! It proved impossible for UK riders to travel to take part this year, but as Italy moved tentatively out of lockdown, more than 260 mostly local riders were able to relish the challenge. Enjoying the liberty to ride a bicycle on the longest day of the summer, departing from the shores of the Adriatic to experience the freedom of riding a bicycle from coastline to coastline, exploring the countryside through forests, vineyards, and a few hills along the way too! International landmarks in Florence and Pisa noted the cyclists reached the beaches of the Tirennia coast in time for a celebratory swim!

260 starters, 259 finishers before sunset, 216 completing all 4 major climbs… Congratulations to all the cyclists for successfully Chasing the Sun and thankyou to our organisational partners Turbolento for helping deliver another great ride, despite all the challenges of the year!​

  • Determined Rider of The Day Award
  • To be confirmed – open for nominations!

Records – 2021 Italia route

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