Ireland 2022

Welcome to Chase the Sun Ireland! A debut year for our newest coast to coast adventure, with 65 intrepid pioneers gathering in the historic Belfast dockyards at sunrise to take on the challenge of crossing the emerald isle on the longest day. The sun did make welcome appearances throughout the day, though the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ lived up to its name in the closing stretches to provide a wet and windy finish towards the beach at Enniscrone!

65 starters, 47 finishers, with just 30 triumphantly arriving before sunset… This was an immense challenge, riding the endlessly rolling roads into a headwind all day, huge kudos to the perseverance and fortitude of all who rode this most epic of all Chase the Sun routes this year! ​

  • Determined Rider of The Day Award
  • Annmarie Mcnamara (left – pic) – Kudos for taking on this challenge to fundraise for a very personal charity. Abundant resilience and motivation proved ultimately successful in reaching the finishline, even long after dark. Remarkable effort!

Records – 2022 Ireland route

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