Chase The Sun TRAINING DAY: 14th APRIL 2024

1 February 2024

Chase The Sun launches a new Spring Training Day to support riders preparing for the unique challenges of a midsummer sunrise to sunset adventure.

There are no shortcuts. You’ll need to be putting in the miles, riding regularly to build a base fitness from early in the year. Then build up your training in the months before mid-summer, steadily increasing the mileage, working on pacing, feeding and navigation. Download our CTS Spring Training Schedule here

However – to give our riders a helping hand and to give you an interim target within your riding programme, we have organised a special Chase The Sun training day in the Spring. Hosted this year in the Surrey Hills within easy reach of London, this is a unique chance to seek some expert tips and advice from the Chase the Sun organisers, which will help you prepare in advance for the unique nuances of your longest-day challenge, whichever mid-summer route you are signed up for. 

There will be a timed 65 mile training day ride on a scenic yet challenging route which will give you a chance to test your pacing, tech, fuelling, navigation, fitness and stamina over two months before the mid-summer sunrise.

You will also be able to meet some of your fellow Chase The Sun riders to chat about preparations for the big day, as well as taking advantage of advice and exclusive offers from some of our partners. And you get to meet the founders of Chase The Sun to hear a bit of the inspiration behind the idea for the longest day ride ! 

Your £35 entry for this Chase the Sun tailored training day event includes a half-way coffee and feed stop, plus hot food lunch at the route end. This event is delivered in partnership with European Cycle Events in combination with the Spring Onion sportive.


Prepare your bike, body & mind

You’ve signed up for Chase The Sun 2024, so there’s no turning back now. You may be wondering what it takes to be ready to take on the longest-day cycling challenge.

200 miles in one day is a long way to cycle for most of us, so we’ve been talking to endurance cycling veteran Dr Ian Rodd for some tips on how to prepare and train for long-distance riding and long days in the saddle.

It’s all about bike, body and mind… oh and the odd coffee and cake stop!

Read our Training tips and advice page here.

Chase The Sun Spring Training Day event is delivered by our partner at European Cycling Events

     Tailor your training and preparations for the unique longest day coast to coast mid-summer challenge of Chase the Sun. Meet your fellow riders, and the CTS organisers for bespoke tips and advice, as well as test your legs on a 65 mile training route as a benchmark towards mid-summer.

Chase the Sun launch our Spring Training day for Sunday 14th April 2024. Places are limited – BOOK YOUR TRAINING DAY HERE .

Sunday 14th APRIL 2024

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