See.Sense x Chase the Sun: Lighting the way for the longest day

18 February 2023

Planning for Chase The Sun includes making sure you have all the appropriate equipment. We can’t over-emphasize the importance of having effective bike lights- starting pre-dawn, finishing at or around sunset, you will need to see and be seen!

We’ve teamed up with official Chase The Sun Ireland bike light partnerĀ See.Sense, a locally based company near to CTS Ireland Start point of Belfast. They are on a mission to make cycling better, creating award-winning reactive bike lights, used by 100,000 cyclists worldwide.

At Chase the Sun we are happy to recommend their quality and innovative lights for our riders to consider using when riding across the longest day.

Their lights utilise patented sensor technology to react and adapt to the riskier moments in your ride, increasing your visibility for both daylight and night-time riding to keep you safe on the road.

By connecting your lights to the See.Sense app, you can also access a range of connects features and personalised stats, plus improve the roads you cycle on by sharing anonymised insights to help cities and planners improve conditions for cycling.

A seriously clever set of lights. Impressive amount of kit built into small package.” Bike Radar review

Beam adapts its output according to the street lighting along your route and will even pulse more strongly when it senses you are in a hazardous situation. Rated 9/10 .” Independent Best Buy review

The only bike lights in the world which adapt to your ride environment and adjusts to provide real-time safety information.



See and Be Seen :

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