Chase the Sun founder Olly cycling into the sunset

Chase the Sun is evolving – A message from our founder

3 November 2020

Chase The Sun started as a bike ride, a personal challenge, an annual goal. Then I realised that what had been an inspiring idea for a ride to me had the potential to inspire others too. I was encouraged to share the idea and so I challenged myself to try and create an event, with the goal of sharing the concept of Chase The Sun with as many fellow cyclists as possible.

I began by defining our core values: that the rides should be inclusive, non-competitive and open and accessible to all. Organisation should be sustainable, not focused on profit, but rather enabling growth towards the ultimate goal. Whilst initially the UK rides were organised as free-to-enter (whilst relying on kind donations by a proportion of riders), as the popularity and participation levels have grown, together with the provision of multiple event locations, we have reached a point where this premise is no longer sustainable and manageable.

Our aim is to make Chase the Sun even better!

Our commitment to providing an open, inclusive and great value experience remains central to encouraging new and existing riders to join us on the Chase The Sun quest. I hope that you can see that the new registration structures introduced for 2021 onwards are faithful to that aim. As always, our events are focused on enabling you as riders to take on the CTS challenge in the best way, bringing people together and building a community spirit of shared endeavour. Through a registration fee, purchasing your official jersey, and taking advantage of some of the inclusive services we provide within the new registration packages, you are all providing much of the essential support that Chase The Sun needs to continue each year.

Chase The Sun is evolving and, I believe, has a bright future. Myself, Phil and the core team have many aspirations for how and where we can expand the CTS experience into the future: to share the unique experience of riding from sunrise to sunset, together with like-minded cyclists, in a shared challenge and to bring this to many new horizons and in more wonderful locations. We hope you will continue to come along with us for the ride!

Thank you for all your support so far. I sincerely hope that you can understand and support our aims, and that together we will reach many more Chase The Sun horizons!

Best wishes and happy pedalling.
Olly Moore (CTS Founder, Co-Director)

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