CTS UK South / UK North / Ireland – Rider Term’s & Conditions


You acknowledge our standard refunds and cancellations policy terms provided here https://www.chasethesun.org/cancellation-policy/

By completing the registration process, all riders agree to be subscribed to the Chase the Sun mailing list to be contacted for event organisation and promotion purposes (see also our Privacy Policy available via our website footer). Regarding the event itself Riders confirm they have read and accepted these following terms and conditions:

Chase the Sun 2024—One key Rule—It’s a ride, not a race, enjoy it!
By signing-on and/or taking part at the event start, each rider/supporter accepts all of the following Terms and Conditions, a copy of which has been supplied in advance at registration:

  1. The participant acknowledges and understand that the ride is organised not as a race or competitive event of any sort.
  2. Public roads and rights of way will not be closed and riders must be aware of other users, ride safely and follow the Highway Code at all times. You should take in to account the variety of other rider abilities, and the likelihood that you will find or form with groups of cyclists along the way. Take care not to reduce your standard of cycling when route navigating, or riding in a group, and ensure you and other riders stop in appropriate, safe locations when necessary.
  3. The participant (whether a rider, or support driver) is fully responsible for their actions whilst attending the ride, both before, during, and after the ride. The ride organisers cannot be held responsible for the actions of the participant, nor the consequences of such actions, including any personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability.
  4. In the event of an accident, incident or emergency, contact the local or emergency authorities as normal. CTS event organisers are not responsible to be emergnecy responders to on-the-day issues.
  5. Each participant is responsible for providing their own insurance protection for their participation on the ride. Any accident or injury, together with any costs incurred, caused by the participants actions will be the full responsibility of the participant. (Cycle insurance can be obtained via organisations, such as British cycling, Cycling UK, etc)
  6. Each participant, upon signing-on to start the ride, takes responsibility to judge themselves physically and mentally capable of riding the proposed distance, and are fit and willing to do so. Any health conditions are to be declared and recorded by the rider at sign-in – by completing a health ‘I.C.E’ sticker to affixed to rear of rider number card.
  7. The sign-on process must be completed by a person aged 18+ years on the day of event. Participantion in the event is restricted to those over the age of 18 years upon event day.
  8. The participant agrees to provide and wear, a suitable cycle specific helmet during the whole ride, together with suitable clothing appropriate to the conditions and duration of the ride.
  9. The participant confirms that the cycle they are riding for the ride, and all of their equipment is of a suitable legal standard and state of road worthiness and safety.
  10. Any Baggage, Bikes, equipment or other items deposited with informal support vehicles, or with official Bag Transfer / Return travel service vans, is left at owners risk. CTS / and or our logistics partners will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any items.
  11. Public behaviour of Riders must be upheld to a high standard whilst participating in the event weekend. Refrain from littering, depositing waste, and excessive noise. Respect and consideration of local communities is paramount to the success of the ride event. This is particularly important in the early morning hours – please respect the routes neighbours!
  12. All participants commit to adhere strictly to any special restrictions and directions as instructed by event organisers and volunteers with regards to COVID /public health precautions and guidelines to comply with facilitating group events.
  13. The organisers, and officially affiliated other parties, may take photographs and video of riders and thier supporters during the event, and riders agree to the use of these for publicity purposes relating to the event promotion purposes, which may include online features, social content, film production, print media, etc. You can request for this permission to be removed by emailing as such to chasethesun.org@gmail.com  this must be communicated in advance of the event day / filming taking place.
  14. Riders who do not return the provided GPS trackers at the designated locations will be charged an appropriate replacement fee if the tracker device cannot be returned by another means to be agreed with event control.

RIDERS MUST collect, carry and return the GPS tracker issued at registration. Riders must also present their rider number to designated stewards at SIGN-IN START, LUNCH and FINISH locations.

Riders ABANDONING must also CONTACT Event control immediately stating ‘DROP-OUT’, plus your NAME, TIME & MILE POSITION… and arrange for the return of the GPS tracker to a nearby organisers location.

ON THE DAY, ON ROUTE contact Event Control by Phone – Contact number will be provided on the day..

ALL IN IT TOGETHER – Everyone is riding towards the same sunset goal, some will find it easier than others on the day – but please look out for, and offer help to, others where possible along the way. A spirit of togetherness on the road is something to remember your longest day by.


(These T&C’s may be subject to change before the event commencement, any updates will have been provided for reference to all riders by email link in advance of the event. All riders have accepted these conditions during the registration sign-up.)

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